Thank you letter from Costa Rica


Im María Chacón and I am the person who invited FHG dance troupers to come to Costa Rica.

In my heart I knew they were going to be a blessing for our local dance ministry here, and to the area, but little did I know of the extent of that blessing. It's been two weeks since For His Glory Dance Troupe departed, and I'm still not out of the cloud of glory in which their visit enveloped me (and many others!)

I want to thank God for the supreme blessing of having us meet this dance ministry in person. With their humble, tireless, warrior, full of love and restorative personalities, they touched this area in a unique way...Spiritual authority preceded them where they went. And they ministered with a powerful spiritual "anointing" all those who experienced His Ministry thru them.

I have heard testimonies of some of our dancers that the ministry they did on them has changed their personal lives. God did some serious emotional healing in various dancers. Our pastor told us on a meeting on Sunday that He still hears words from Tammy's message in the Church ring on his ears. He told us that he sees a change in our ministry.

Personally, this visit has changed my life and ministry in some relevant ways. I have been struggling…more than struggling…suffering torment with many serious issues in my marriage and in my ministry here. I was a lone soldier in a battlefield. FHG Dance Troupers came to battle with me and for me. They have been a soothing balm in a time where I most needed it. Their counseling words from each of them individually have marked my walking. They came to confirm my work here and to signal the beginning of a new stage in my ministry, Celebration; Creative Arts.

Thank YOU ALL who supported them in any way, financially or thru prayer. May Yeshua richly reward you!!! And Please,…please help them come again for a longer and even more fruitful trip.